Upcoming Webinars

MediaStar Scheduler Webinar:

Chelsea Stumpff, Customer Specialist at TitanTV, Inc., will review all the updates that have been made to the MediaStar Scheduler tool since NAB 2016 until today.

PSIP 101 Webinar:

Marge Johnson, Technical Support Analyst at TitanTV, Inc., will present PSIP 101. She will review PSIP and its history, current file formats and how the FCC's changes to the PSIP standards will potentially affect LP Television stations.

About TitanTV, Inc

An independently owned company, TitanTV, Inc. is the foremost online software and information provider to the television broadcast industry.

For nearly 20 years, the company has served broadcasters by delivering the most accurate, real-time tools and data regarding signal coverage calculation, over-the-air reception prediction, programming data, and waiver compliance.

TitanTV also provides a suite of powerful tools that enable broadcasters to maintain their stations' schedules efficiently and economically.

TitanTV’s schedule tools support the needs of “Central Command” scenarios within a station group where the staff at one station may be responsible for maintaining the schedules of many stations across the country. The scheduling tools allow changes made to one station’s schedule to be selectively distributed to multiple destination stations.

The scheduler also feature a contract management component to ensure syndicated series and movies are aired according to the terms of their respective contracts. When used with the scheduling tool, checks within the contract manager prevents the scheduling more airings of a contracted program than its contract allows. Other checks ensure the airings occur within the contract’s established windows and outside any specified blackout periods.

In addition to its MediaStar suite of scheduling tools, TitanTV’s broadcaster-centric products include PSIP Data Services, TitanTV Guide & Data Services for desktop and mobile devices, STELA Compliance Tools and more.

The company’s client base of over 1,000 US television stations continue to benefit from the staff’s depth of industry and product knowledge as well as its many years of experience of understanding and meeting their customers’ needs.

The company also maintains the consumer sites, TitanTV.com, a free online television guide, and also AntennaWeb.org, a site dedicated to enabling consumers to discover the number of over-the-air channels available from local broadcasters and how to choose the correct antenna to received them.

The company’s headquarters is located in the same office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as its sales, support and engineering staffs.

Its corporate website may be viewed at: http://titantvinc.com

Contact TitanTV, Inc. at: info@titantv.com